ONEx50 All-In-ONE Styling & Finishing Hairspray


You know what stinks about other hairsprays?  They are sticky, flaky, crunchy, painful to brush out and smell awful.  No thank you.  ONEx50 is doing it different, doing it better.  How you ask?  We use the highest quality ingredients without cutting corners.  We packed our product with vitamins and nutrients that strengthen and protect the hair.  We then added built-in conditioners along with a sunscreen and finished it with a thermal protectant.  We weren’t voted best product because of our sleek can design but because of the:

  • Impeccable Hold
  • Amazing Smell
  • No Flaking 
  • Easy Brush Out w/Built-in Conditioner
  • Thermal Protected
  • Sunscreen Protectant 
  • Packed w/Vitamins and Nutrients
    • NO GLUE or Glue-Like Ingredients

We protect your hair while you slay the spray.  #YouCanSlayWithUs