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The Pageant Planet Style Set is designed to meet the needs of pageant girls and their pageant day hair. Dennis Bernard styled Miss New Jersey 1980’s hair when she won second runner up in the 1981 Miss America Pageant. He knows the importance of perfect curls and dramatic volume so he designed the perfect set of products to keep your hair in style on pageant day.

* Dual-Action Creme Shampoo
* Dual -Action Creme Conditioner
* Straight N’ Curl Serum
* Flexible Holding Spray
* Incredible Holding Spray

Dual Action creme Shampoo
Rich crème formula contains an abundance of plant extracts for increased color hold & superb hair condition. DCS is gentler on the hair & scalp. It keeps hair’s cuticle compact for maximum color hold while protecting the hair against moisture loss, physical damage and thermal damage. DCS lathers less because more lathering = more harsh detergents & soaps.

Dual Action Creme Conditioner
Made with Plant Extracts can be used as a daily rinse out conditioner or for an intense deep conditioning pac. It instantly detangles the hair, moisturizes, protects & extends the life of hair
color. DCC leaves the hair feeling luxuriously soft and manageable.

Straight N’ Curl Serum
Variable action formula gives you the option to create smooth straight hair or hair with curl & movement. On all hair types, SCS gives you control & shine. It seals & strengthens the outer layer of the hair shaft (cuticle) reducing frizz and providing ultimate protection against the elements.

Flexible Holding Spray

Professional working formula allows for creative designs while holding hairstyles all day. FHS allows the stylist and the client to choose whether they want a soft hold or a firm hold by simply layering on the fine mist aerosol spray. The spray is workable in its first application. As it is reapplied, the hold becomes firmer. Flexible Holding Spray balances moisture levels preventing flyaways, frizz & static. Its unique blend of Plant Extracts protects & extends color hold.

Incredible Holding Spray

Locks in the toughest hairstyles all day long. IHS goes on incredibly light, holds extra firm & will easily disappear at the stroke of a brush. A high concentration of Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein adds strength & thickness to the hair while leaving it touchable & shiny. Its water-free formula allows IHS to lock out humidity preventing frizz in all kinds of weather.

Retail value: $90.50

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